Our Community

We at Citizens Guaranty Bank are very dedicated to the development of our young people in our communities and are always looking for new ways to be a positive influence in their lives as they mature into adults and go out into the business world.

Engineer Guaranty Bank

We at Citizens Guaranty feel that the young people of our community play a vital role in our society. We have sponsored our local high school (Estill County High School) and helped them start up a bank. They have teller stations, new account kits, and other documents for conducting their business transactions. They primarily do lunch loans and open savings accounts. After a loan is done, it is documented and then if the loan is not paid accordingly, collection procedures are put in place. A past due charge is applied each day the account remains past due. Letters are sent to the students and sent home to the parents if needed. They really get a taste of what it is like to conduct business in the "real world".

Reality Store

Citizens Guaranty also volunteers for other events in the school system such as the Elementary and Middle School's Career Days, National Teach Children to Save Day (a yearly event) and the Reality Store. The Reality Store is an annual event that allows each student to have a job with a monthly income with or without families. The Middle School has the gym set up for each student to go from booth to booth and go through monthly expenses such as taxes, house payment, food, clothing, contributions, open a checking account, buy a car, entertainment and all the other expenses in a typical month for a person. Their goal is to have money left over at the end of the session. This is an excellent taste of reality for all fifth and eighth grade students.

Bank Tours

Citizens Guaranty also gives bank tours at the end of the school year for young children in the elementary level (K-4). Students are told how the bank operates on their level and are shown different areas of the bank. Coloring books explaining how to save money along with suckers or candy bars are given to each student.